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Company introduction

Guangdong OPK Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd was founded in1996andheadquateredinthewell-knownhardwarepriductsbase-XiaolanTown,ZhongshanCityofChina.Withgoodreputation,highqualityproduc was founded in 1996 and headquatered in the well-known hardware priducts base-Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City of China. With good reputation, high quality products and great service, OPK keeps on uninterrupted growth and development. And now it becomes a large-scaled, technology-oriented enterprise with fifty thousand square meters working plants and more than 1000 employees. Meanwhile, as one of the backbone of the industry, OPK signed strategic win-win cooperation with many domestic and international well-known enterprises, leads and promotes the development of the industry,sells high quality products at home and aboard, successfully enters European and Amerian market, and gains high reputation from customers and consumers. OPK adhear to the concept of being professional and concentrated. OPK is always dedicated to the development of household furniture sliding industry, and With professional technology and devoted attitude, OPK has achieved hundreds of patents, and realized large scale production, product seriation and management modernization. Now it is recognized as sliding expert and becomes leading company in this industry. OPK will carry your dreams of beautiful homes, will be th family of Sliding Damping roller and implementor of European quality standard.
Based on keep understanding and professional analysis on future needs of the industry, OPK established powerful R&D team and OPK Sliding Roller Research Institute as the core of development. Specializing in development, production and sales of new series of sliding damping system of OPK brand. At present, the core products include sliding furniture damping rollers, sliding interior door damping rollers, and heavy duty sliding damping roller series. Professionalized and diverified soft-closing systems. OPK have intelligent, automatic and electrical products, and will integrate beauty, security, stability and technology into them, realizing the sustainable development of the innovative products and try all our best to provide competitive professional products and unique solutions.
OPK is entering a new stage of new stage of internet development. We will always adhere to to the business philosophy of integrity and strict scientific attitude. OPK is constantly improving the satisfaction of the sliding damping roller including the fashion sense, intelligence and international standard, carry forward the sprit of craftsman, devote to make more value for the customer, and building the core competence of the new brand. We would like to come agreement with housing industry partners in domestic and international , to creative better future.
OPK, dedicated to make good sliding damping roller, dreamer and pioneer of sliding hardware.