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OPK“Countless facts prove that: only those who devote themselves heart and soul to it and constantly strive for perfection, and who are not afraid of any difficulties have the chance of achieving outstanding results in science.”-- Deng Xiaoping
Life is only a short few decades; you need to put all the focus on onething in this few decades, there is no short path. 
If you insist on doing one thing for 20 years, you will be a big winner for sure. This is the true portraitureof Mr. Xu Chao, Who is the founder of OPK.
OPK was founded in 1996, specialized in producing and designing all kinds sliding hardware, such as hanging sliding series, cabinet sliding series, double glazed sliding series, folding sliding door series, multi panel sliding series, walk in wardrobe series, aluminum partition sliding door series and so on.
OPK is one of the largest and most complete production bases of home decoration hardware. 
The establishment of OPK is a historic change, and it explored a vacuum in hardware industry.
With the concept of professional and concentrative, OPK has always been committed to the development of home decorative sliding hardware. To make products more professional, more sophisticated, finer, and stronger, OPK has gained more than 50 kinds of patents. 
OPK has products of sliding damping roller with specialization and diversification; main products are home decoration sliding roller, partition sliding door roller and heavy duty sliding door roller.
OPKIE is producing products with function of intelligent, automatic, sensitive and electrical series to implementthesustainable development of creative products, and to provide customers with unique and original solution of sliding system
In tide of the times of Internet era, withexceptional insight and expertobservation ability, OPK use the 20th anniversary as post station, with the mental attitude of return to Zero, with full plan of Operational research, set sailing again, to create the brand value under the new background.
To meet the challenge of Internet era, OPK is introducing new business philosophy with big single item + Different industry alliance + overseas expansion + Internet convenient service + new image marketing mode.